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HELM is one of the earliest foreign distributors of chemical products with operations in China, with a dedicated team in the country since 1981.

Since then, we have steadily developed our activities in China. We have developed sizeable long-term business with nearly 400 suppliers and export more than 350 products including pharmaceutical API, nutrition additives, agrochemicals, fertilizer and chemicals. 

Thanks to our network of five sales offices and a highly motivated team strategically located close to the main markets across China, we distribute chemical products to more than 600 customers, most of which small and medium sized enterprises.

With our Chinese head office in Shanghai, our company is organised into seven departments: Pharma, Nutrition, Crop Protection, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Quality Management, and Finance & Administration. Our team of highly experienced professionals monitors the Chinese market, leads day-to-day business, and develops new opportunities to serve our partners.

Contact us to evaluate how we can support you in perfectly serving the highly dynamic local market or leveraging the great sourcing opportunities of China.