Efficient systemic broad-spectrum insecticide


Control of sucking pests (Jassids, white fly, thrips, aphids, BPH and other soil pest) and use on apples, aubergines, barley, beans, beets, berries, cereals, cilantro, citrus, cole crops, cotton, cranberries, cucumbers, cucurbits, currants, fodder beets, garden flowers, grapes, greenhouse crops, hops, lawns, lettuce, lupins, mangos, maize, melons, mustard, nurseries, oats, oilseed rape (canola), ornamentals, pasture, pecans, peppers, pome fruits, potatoes, rice, rye, snap beans, sorghum, spinach, stone fruits, strawberries, sugar beets, sunflowers, sweet corn, tobacco, tomatoes, triticale, tropical fruits, vegetables and wheat, particularly suitable for seeds treatment and granule application.


  • 25 kg fiber drums with PE In-liner 25


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